To Surprise or Surprise Not! by Jessie Jones

Which are the best gifts to receive? Is it the ones we ask for, or the presents that are a total surprise? Perhaps it depends

Which are the best gifts to receive? Is it the ones we ask for, or the presents that are a total surprise? Perhaps it depends upon what kind of person you are? Fancy a bit of brain-training, grab a coffee then read on and think about this theory!

If you are an optimistic person, then you would prefer to receive a surprise gift. I can see you itching to know the reason behind that wisp of wisdom! Well, let me explain!

As a being that prefers to look on the brighter side of things, you would be happy with any gift, but especially something that someone else has taken the time to choose for you. As you naturally look upon things in a favourable light, the sentiment is far more important than what the actual gift is.

1153099_lets_celebrate____Are you still following me? Or have I lost you to the land of confusion? I thought I could hear Peter Gabriel in the back ground!

If you are a pessimistic person, then odds are you are more likely to prefer it when people ask you what gift you would actually like.

Being a “glass half empty” individual, you are more likely to dread a surprise. As you automatically assume you are not going to like what they get you, because your belief is that the universe is just plain evil by nature! Whereas if you tell them what you would like, you know exactly what to expect and it saves you from the disappointment.

Make sense? Of course this theory might not work with everyone or in every situation! You could be in the “happy go lucky” bunch, who do not mind either way. Or the other pin to my balloon; When you ask for something, and not really expect to get it, either because it is too extravagant or seemingly unattainable! Like a new car, or a pony. Can you imagine waking up and seeing that munching on your prize roses, talk about being flabbergasted!! What if you saw the pony too!

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But if they tell you what kind of things they would like, and you immediately think that they are too unattainable. Do not panic and knock yourself over the head, wishing you hadn’t asked! There is a place that can answer the wildest of dreams, and that is The unusual “ooh I hadn’t thought of that” variety, being their speciality!

So say if they did ask for a sports car, don’t laugh in their face and crush their hearts desire. Yes an actual car may be out of your price range, but how cool would it be when they discover you have treated them to a Ferrari 360 Driving Experience!

They even have a compromise for the pony, how about Cowboy Adventure Experience for Kids! Yes you read that correct, how whip-cracking awesome and definitely unexpected would that be!! Oh and if you are wondering, they do a similar package for adults too!! !

But if you are looking for something a bit tamer, that’s ok because still do conventional gifts too! So no more doom and gloom, you will be positively pleased as punch with their fantastic range of gifts, competitive prices and excellent customer service.

So, have I convinced you of my theory? Or maybe just provided you with some food for thought! Go on, the next time you have to buy a present for someone, just ask them how full they see the glass. That way you may have a better idea as to whether they would be appreciative of a surprise party, or not!

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